How to Change Facebook Profile Name after Limit 2013 ( JULY UPDATED 100% working)

Go to this link : For any problem add me: How to cha…

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25 Responses to How to Change Facebook Profile Name after Limit 2013 ( JULY UPDATED 100% working)

  1. Jayvon Keitt says:

    does it work

  2. hanif hadi says:

    do i need go check on my Email Account?? i forgot the Yahoo pasword..

  3. Vicktoria Goncalves says:

    help me please, i dont know what i did with my name of the facebook, cause i don’t know change :c

  4. Shanae Wakely says:

    I used a fake name but uploaded my real ID I’m worried I’ll be deactivated

  5. sweety Peach says:

    can u pls let me knw, how u did dis? i want to chage my name aft limits… i want to add my real name , becoz of my anthr name, my frnds cnt yet contact me.. vl u pls help me out…

  6. Bella Gomez says:

    He said 28 hours.I waited it but my name doesn’t change. -,-

  7. Bella Gomez says:

    Hello. I tried it. And I think its 28 Hours. And I open it by today (I make it yesterday Aug.19,2013) nothing happens! :/ And I open my facebook account. Please response.

  8. therese2099 says:

    what if changing your name request has been processed, can you still change it again after a month?

  9. TwentySevenVids says:

    dont think so

  10. TwentySevenVids says:

    any one from your profile picture album

  11. Margod Ferrer says:

    Its REALLY REALLY REALLY works!!! Can U post now how to change B-day after limit on FACEBOOK…..

  12. Margod Ferrer says:

    I use my Profile Pic One piece photo n its works…THANK U FOR CREATING THIS VIDEO…:) :) :)

  13. Zena Zwayyed says:

    wait what should do Upload Profile pic ??? Please Answeeeer pleaseeee

  14. mand m says:

    when i will recive the shorter mail ?

  15. Qendrim Hajrizi says:

    it’s not work for me ? how much day wait for to change name ?

  16. Mijutarja Hitoshi says:

    I’ve now done this, but I’m nervous that my account will be deactivated permanently If I use a fake name, will it be deactivated? D:.

  17. Karthik SM says:

    i want to use only single name in crossed the limit of changing the aware of tat indonesia wat should i do now?

  18. TwentySevenVids says:

    i used my photo which i had already used for my profile picture

  19. TwentySevenVids says:

    Try again…. it works for me…

  20. FreshMusicFilms says:

    whats the song g ? lol

  21. Evan Loh says:

    Wow! I need an ID

  22. kbhatia1000 says:

    which video works? I have to change my name. Ive reached the limit

  23. anjana anjani says:

    it’s not work dude :( it’s not work

  24. Lookiz Lookiz says:

    i need to upload my id /// my photo which i am using on facebook or my real photo ?????????

  25. azrul nizam says:

    i have been waiting for four day but it not change

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