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25 Responses to Online Facebook Password Hack 100 WORKS ! ! !

  1. Věra Tomková says:

    This is too old, the technique above is not working any longer.
    Try the software that I’m using. It’s really working for me.
    *FacebookHack.FreeCodeGeneratorGeek. Com*

  2. moslim brahim says:

    I’ve just attempted hacking my sister’s account by utilizing a keystroke
    logger and I have failed, but I managed to hack her account with
    “Loomarnia”. If you wish to try it out, you can find this tool on Google
    and download it :)

  3. 반혜진 says:

    Has trojan viruses.

  4. David Dang says:


  5. Jennifer Appeatu says:


  6. hameed daevia says:

    it’s working, great!

  7. Ducks Rule says:

    These crappy comments and this fucking video are all spam. I’ve only had
    success while using “Loomarnia”. Just google it, you should have no problem
    finding it :)

  8. Alison Losigiand says:

    Is still working but you can try this site:
    ▆▅▃▂▆▅▃▂▆▅▃▂Go here: *www*.ProFbhack.*com* ▂▃▅▆▂▃▅▆▂▃▅▆

  9. sid chang says:


  10. paolo201308 says:

    Such a waste of time. The only site I tried and tested that is working or watch the tutorial here
    Tried the site again just this day and it’s working.

  11. אופק ביטון says:

    who can give me a verification code for the facebook password sniper?

  12. Stjepan Luketic says:

    is it work

  13. Prince MiloDy says:

    i like this video

  14. 張文龍 says:


  15. יונתן ברכיה says:


  16. Sujan Thapa says:


  17. אופק ביטון says:

    obed you can give me a verification code? please?

  18. qujiko007 says:


  19. waiwai Lee says:


  20. nowsath nows says:


  21. Reo Fate says:

    I have tried out each and every facebok hack on youtube and none of them
    worked. However, I have found a facebook hacking tool on bing that works,
    it is called “Facebook Password Sniper” and can be found at www.fpstool.
    Com :)

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